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(Only for Not for Profit Civil Society Organizations)

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Climate Change
Land Degradation
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Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)
Ozone Layer Depletion
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  Please provide following information/ supporting documentation:
  1. Cover letter - signed by CEO/Authorised Senior Officer confirming interest to be a member and willingness to comply with all obligations, rules, procedures, etc if membership is accepted.
  2. Copy of most recent Annual Report (or report on activities)
  3. Financial Statement (for most recent fiscal year)
  4. Registration Certificate/Evidence of non-profit status (provide translation -if not in English/French/Spanish)
  5. Letter of Support or reference from existing member in Network or GEF Agency (UNDP, UNEP, World Bank, etc in your country)
  6. Optional Additional Information (i.e. list of projects implemented, trainings and educational events organized, any other major achievements, etc)
Cover Letter : [ Clear ] (max 1MB file of type: PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP)
Annual Report: [ Clear ] (max 1MB file of type: PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP)
Financial Statement: [ Clear ] (max 1MB file of type: PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP)
Registration Certificate: [ Clear ] (max 1MB file of type: PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP)
Letter of Support: [ Clear ] (max 1MB file of type: PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP)
Additional Information: [ Clear ] (max 1MB file of type: PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP)
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