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  Membership of the Network

The GEF-CSO Network is comprised of all accredited NGOs to the GEF.

In line with the decision of the GEF Council in November 2008, the accreditation system for Civil Society organizations operated by the GEF Secretariat is replaced by a membership system operated by the Network. The membership admission/accreditation process and maintenance of the membership database is thus the responsibility of the Network. Organisations which are admitted as members of the Network will be eligible to attend GEF Consultations and Assembly meetings in a similar manner to formerly accredited organizations.

By becoming members of the network, organizations will receive updates on the activities of the policy making and activities of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) as well as the GEF-CSO Network. They will be notified from time to time of funding and capacity building opportunities as well as upcoming GEF meetings and events. They will have the opportunity to contribute to the policy making of GEF and raise any concerns on GEF processes or implementation through their respective Regional Focal Points (RFPs). They will also be able to contact and exchange experiences with other members of the Network and participate in GEF-CSO Consultation meetings and GEF Assembly Meetings. See the benefits here.




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