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  GEF 43rd Council meeting


Summary report of GEF-NGO Network Activity and Achievement – 43rd GEF Council Meeting 13 -15 November 2012

The 43rd GEF Council Meeting was held in Washington DC from 13 – 15 November 2012. This meeting was important as a number of key decisions were made including streamlining of the project cycle that also raises the ceiling on medium-sized projects, subject to streamlined procedures, to US$2 million and  approving the Work Program for GEF, LDCF and SCCF.

GEF-NGO Network organized a range of meetings in Washington DC in association with the 43rd GEF Council as follows:
10 November - Meeting of GEF-NGO Network Coordination Committee (CC)
The CC meeting was attended by fifteen out of the sixteen currently elected Regional focal points and two Indigenous Peoples Focal Points. The meeting discussed a range of matters including the status and development of network membership, strengthening partnership with GEFSEC, strengthening the operation of the Network, and preparation for GEF-CSO consultation and the GEF Council meetings. Among the important decisions made are :
·         Agreement on the revised framework of a PIF with combination of country and regional activities; agreement on close linkage with SGP on allocating resources to support project through national or sub regional actions.
·         Agreement on a proposal under the Voluntary Fund to review and update the GEF Public Involvement Policy - with consultations at country level; at regional level (linked to ECW) and at global level.
·         Development of a preliminary draft Strategy for the network.

 11 November - Preparatory meeting for the GEF-CSO consultation

This meeting was attended by 37 representatives from CSOs and the meeting discussed and reviewed some of the key issues on the agenda of the 43rd GEF Council meeting, namely,
1.    Streamlining of Project Cycle
2.    Financial Projection for GEF-5 Programming Options
3.    GEF Work Program 
4.    Overview of Replenishment Process of GEF Trust Fund
The meeting also discussed GEF NGO Network matters including membership development, network operation and the development of an MSP for civil society capacity development. Breakout groups discussed the up-scaling of CSO experience to national/regional programme, to facilitate CSO input to GEF Program and to identify additional issues of concern for civil societies for GEF replenishment process.

 12 November - GEF Council-CSO Consultation

This meeting was attended by more than 100 representatives from civil society, GEF Council members GEF Agencies and the GEF Secretariat. The meeting included a one hour dialogue between civil society and the GEF CEO and three panel sessions to debate key issues related to CSO engagement in GEF, financing needs for the environment and conventions implementation. The meeting was very interactive with active inputs from Council members as well as CSOs. Click here to view the report of the meeting.
13 – 15 November – 43rd GEF Council Meeting
More than 25 CSO representatives observed the GEF Council sessions by rotation and eight formal network position papers/statements were presented to the council on the agenda items as follows :
  1. GEF-NGO Network Opening Statement
  2. Vision for the GEF 2020
  3. Streaming of Project Cycle
  4. Accreditation Process for GEF Project Agencies
  5. Financial Projections for GEF-5 Programming
  6. LDCF/SCCF Work Program
The Council members adopted a decision on streamlining of the project cycle that also raises the ceiling on medium-sized projects, subject to streamlined procedures, to US$2 million. The Work Program adopted by the GEF Council amounts to US$174 million, and benefits 63 countries. The Work Program adopted by the LDCF/SCCF Council amounts to US$28.544 million for the SCCF and US$1.87 million for the LDCF. Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden announced new contributions to the LDCF and SCCF amounting to US$80.8 million. In its intervention, the Network highlighted the poor inclusion of CSOs in the preparation of some of the programs and Project Identification Forms (PIFs) approved by the council.  
View the joint summary and the highlights of the Council’s Discussions.
 The next GEF council and Consultation meetings will be held as follows:
  • GEF CSO Preparation Meeting, 16 June 2013
  • GEF Council CSO Consultation, 17 June 2013
  • GEF Council Meeting, 18-20 June 2013

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