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  GEF 46th Council Meeting

The 46th Council meeting took place from 25-27 May in Cancun, Mexico. The GEF-CSO Network participated actively in the GEF Council sessions and seven formal network position papers/statements were presented to the council on the agenda items as follows :

Positive feedback was received on the input from a number of parties who formally supported our suggestions. Significant progress included – Adoption of a new policy on co-financing – which included a more flexible approach to cofounding with lower co-financing commitments for LDCs, SIDS and other countries. Under the revised STAR, the minimum amount that LDCs will receive was increased from $4 to 6 Million.  With regard to SGP, the proposal by the secretariat to limit the contribution to SGP by countries with a STAR smaller than $15 million was not supported. This (if approved) would have led to a reduction of 33% of funds for SGP.  The network and a number of countries spoke against this proposal and it was agreed that flexibility would be given and countries that wanted to contribute to the SGP from their national allocations would be allowed to do so. The Network and Council members commented on the GEF2020 Strategy which will be finalized soon and approved the final GEF 5 work programme, which amounts to US$230 million.  The Network highlighted the need for further resources for the LDCF and SCCF.

View the joint summary of the Chairs of the Council.


The next GEF Council will be held as follows:

  • GEF CSO Preparation Meeting, 26 Oct 2014
  • GEF Council CSO Consultation, 27 Oct 2014
  • GEF Council Meeting, 28-30 Oct 2014

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