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  5th GEF Assembly

Summary report of GEF-CSO Network Activity and Achievement – 5th GEF Assembly and its associated meetings, 24 -30 May 2014

The 5th GEF Assembly was held in Cancun, Mexico from 28 to 30 May 2014. Prior to the Assembly, the GEF Council held their 46th Council Meeting from 25- 27 May.  A CSO Forum was held on 27 May. The Assembly highlighted progress made and the GEF2020 Strategy to guide future work by the GEF and its partners to  work with countries to address urgent global environmental problems relating to climate change, biodiversity loss, desertification and land degradation, management of international waters, management of forests for multiple benefits, and protection against dangerous chemicals and wastes. The member countries gave a strong mandate – nearly $4.5 billion in pledges, a record level, to support work to prevent the degradation of the world’s environment. The CSO Forum provided an important opportunity to discuss challenges to the engagement of civil society to the work of GEF.

GEF-CSO Network organized a range of meetings in Cancun in association with the 5th GEF Assembly and the 46th GEF Council Meeting as follows:

24 May - Meeting of GEF-CSO Network Coordination Committee (CC) and Preparatory Meeting

The CC meeting was attended by fifteen out of the sixteen currently elected Regional focal points and one Indigenous Peoples Focal Point. The meeting discussed a range of matters including the status and development of network membership, strengthening the operation of the Network, and preparation for the CSO Forum, GEF Council meeting and the Assembly. Among the important elements were:

  • Reviewing progress by the Network RFPs/IPFPs and the plans for the network in coming periods;
  • Reviewing some of the key issues on the agenda of the 46th GEF Council meeting and developing related statements.
  • Fine-tuning the programme for CSO forum during the 5th GEF Assembly;
  • Initiating discussion on the framework of the CSO statement to the 5th Assembly

25-30 May – Joint Exhibition with GEF SGP and the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group

A joint exhibition was undertaken with GEF SGP and the GEF Indigenous people’s Advisory Group (IPAG). Posters and materials provided by many member organisations of the network were disseminated.  A Flash disk/on-line App to showcase knowledge and experience from CSOs was launched by GEC and SGP at the CSO Forum.  This contained materials from more than 200 GEF and Non-GEF supported projects and activities submitted by member organisations and SGP grantees in the past 2 months.

25 – 27 May – 46th GEF Council Meeting

The CC members of the GEF-CSO Network observed the GEF Council sessions by rotation and seven formal network position papers/statements were presented to the council on the agenda items as follows :

  • Annual Monitoring Report
  • Proposal for the System of Transparent Allocation of Resources (STAR) for GEF-6
  • Summary of the Negotiations of the Sixth Replenishment of the GEF Trust Fund
  • Co-Financing Policy
  • Long-Term Strategy for the GEF – GEF 2020
  • GEF Small Grants Programme: Implementation Arrangements for GEF-6.
  • LDCF/SCCF Work Program

 Click here for more details and to view the statements


27 May -  CSO Forum

The forum on the theme “Partnerships for the Future” was attended by more than 200 representatives of civil society organisations and indigenous peoples groups from more than 80 countries around the world. In the morning session, the Forum showcased the best practices and new approaches for CSO involvement in GEF processes and focal areas from eight projects. In the afternoon, four parallel breakout groups deliberated on the key issues of four targeted areas to strengthen the relationship with the GEF.  The recommendations from the forum were delivered to the 5th GEF Assembly in the form of “Cancun Declaration” on 28 May 2014. To download the declaration ([click English version), (Spanish version) (French version)]. Click here to view the report of the forum, together with the presentations..


28 – 29 May – 5th GEF Assembly

The CSO representatives participated in the plenary and various high level roundtable discussions during the Assembly. The 5th GEF Assembly offers member countries and CSOs a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experiences generated in support of various multilateral environmental agreements.  The Assembly also draws global attention to the sixth replenishment of the GEF (2014-2018), which has received pledges of nearly US$4.5 billion.  Although it is an increase in nominal terms it is  a decrease in real terms.  Fund allocation remained about the same for most focal areas but there was a slight decrease in climate change and a significant increase in the chemicals and waste focal area  – as a result of the appointment of GEF as the Financial mechanism for the Mercury Convention.

Coverage by IISD

Official coverage of the Council, Forum and Assembly was provided by GEF CSO Network member - IISD.  Links to the coverage are given below:


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