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  GEF 47th Council Meeting


The 47th GEF Council Meeting was held in Washington DC from 28 – 30 October 2014. In terms of funding, the Council approved 17 projects for a total of US$178 million, $70 million to launch a new phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme and $31.8 million through the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) to fund six projects. Other key decisions include approving the GEF Gender Action Plan and the addition of FUNBIO, the Brazilian biodiversity NGO, as the 15th GEF agency.

GEF-CSO Network organized a range of meetings in Washington DC in association with the 47th GEF Council as follows:

24-25 October   - Meeting cum Workshop of GEF-CSO Network Coordination Committee (CC)

The CC meeting was attended by the sixteen currently elected Regional focal points and one Indigenous Peoples Focal Points. The meeting discussed a range of matters including how to strengthen the operation of the Network, the status and development of network membership and preparation for GEF-CSO consultation and the GEF Council meetings. Among the important results were:

·         Development of the Network’s Strategy Plan

·         How to move forward the outcome from the review of the GEF Public Involvement Policy (PIP);

·         Funding support for the Network, including fine tuning the proposal on cross cutting capacity building  with combination of country and regional activities;

·         Synergized the work of the various Network Sub-Committees to facilitate work between CC meetings.


26 October  - Preparatory meeting for the GEF-CSO consultation

This meeting was attended by 43 representatives from CSOs and the meeting discussed and reviewed some of the key issues on the agenda of the 47th GEF Council meeting, namely,

  1. Improving GEF Project Cycle
  2. The Country Support Programme Implementation
  3. GEF Gender Equality Action Plan
  4. Work Program
  5. Agency Progress on Meeting Minimum Standards on Environmental and Social Safeguards and Gender Mainstreaming
  6. Guidelines for the Implementation of the Public Involvement Policy

 CSO statements on the key issues were developed and these statements would be delivered to the GEF Council during the council meeting.  The meeting also discussed GEF CSO Network matters including the Network’s report to the Council, output from the Network’s review of the GEF Public Involvement Policy and as well as the preparation for the GEF Council-CSO consultation on 27 October.

27 October -  GEF Council-CSO Consultation

This meeting was attended by more than 120 representatives from civil society, GEF Council members GEF Agencies and the GEF Secretariat. The meeting included a one hour dialogue between civil society and the GEF CEO and three panel sessions. In the morning, the panel session discussed the enhancement of CSO engagement and gender mainstreaming in GEF while in the afternoon, the discussion was on the role of GEF-CSO Network in enhancing the work of GEF and with GEF Agencies to discuss operational issues related to CSO engagement in GEF 6. The meeting was very interactive with active inputs from Council members, GEF agencies as well as CSOs. Click here to view the report of the meeting, together with the presentations.

Among the major outcomes from the meeting are :

  •  An agreement by the GEFSEC to establish a special multi-stakeholder task force to look at the upgrading and implementation of the Public Involvement Policy. 
  • A strong support from some of the council members present for the work of the network and willingness to help the Network to advance its issues.
  • Established good links with the GEF agencies.


28 – 30 October – 47th GEF Council Meeting

Around 30 CSO representatives observed the GEF Council sessions by rotation and eight formal network position papers/statements were presented to the council on the agenda items as follows (Click on the statements to view it]:

1.   Improving the GEF Project Cycle

2.   Relations with the Conventions and Other International Institutions

3.    Gender Equality Action Plan

4.    The Country Support Programme Implementation

5.    Results-based Management systems

6.    Progress Report on the Pilot Accreditation of GEF Project Agencies and Agency Progress on Meeting Minimum Standards on Environmental and Social Safeguards and Gender Mainstreaming

7.    Report of the GEF Independent Evaluation Office

8.    LDCF/SCCF Work Program


Among the key decisions related to CSO are the approval of the Country Support Programme which will fund a back to back CSO meeting for all regions next year and a review by the GEF Independent Evaluation Office on the CSO network, including the options and constraints to enhance the Network’s work.

The joint summary and the highlights of the Council’s Discussions are available on the Network’s website www.gefcso.org.

The next GEF Council will be held as follows:

  • CSO Preparatory Meeting, 31 May 2015
  • GEF-CSO Consultation Meeting, 1 June 2015
  • GEF Council Meeting, 2-4 June 2015


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