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  GEF 48th Council Meeting

Summary report of GEF-CSO Network Activity and Achievement – 48th GEF Council Meeting 29 May-4 June 2015

The 48th GEF Council Meeting was held in Washington DC from 2 – 4 June 2015. In terms of funding, the Council approved five global programs and a range of country projects with GEF allocation of $709 Million and cofounding of $4.81 billion. One of the new global programs is to address the challenge of a rapidly urbanizing world and the subsequent pressure on cities with an investment of USD 150 million in GEF grants plus USD 1.5 billion in additional financing from other sources to focus on 23 pilot cities in 11 countries.

GEF-CSO Network organized a range of meetings in Washington DC in association with the 48th GEF Council as follows:

29-30 May   - Meeting of GEF-CSO Network Coordination Committee (CC)

The CC meeting was attended by all the fifteen currently elected Regional focal points and two Indigenous Peoples Focal Point. The meeting discussed a range of matters including how to strengthen the operation of the Network, the status and development of network membership and preparation for GEF-CSO consultation and the GEF Council meetings. Among the important results were:

·          Revised Strategic Plan (2015 – 2022) for the Network which provides the focused mission, objectives and strategies, which are directed towards ensuring the development of a sustainable operation of the Network during the GEF6 (2014-2018) and GEF7 (2018-2022) cycles.

·         New governance structure for the GEF CSO Network to enhance the Network’s operation which will be implemented over the next 18 months.

·         Streamlined the work of the various Network Sub-Committees to facilitate work between CC meetings.


31 May  - Preparatory meeting for the GEF Council-CSO consultation


This meeting was attended by 40 representatives from CSOs and the meeting discussed and reviewed some of the key issues on the agenda of the 48th GEF Council meeting and prepared statements for delivery at the council, namely,

1.    Annual Monitoring Review

2.    Expediting the Preparation of the Stock of Delayed Projects

3.    Four Year Work Program and budget of the GEF Independent Evaluation Office – GEF6

4.    GEF Agency Compliance with policies on Environmental and Social Safeguards, Gender and Fiduciary Standards

5.    Knowledge Management Approach Paper

6.    Semi-Annual Evaluation Report

7.    Work Program


The meeting also discussed other matters including the Network’s Strategic Plan and Governance and the work of Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group (IPAG) as well as the preparation for the GEF Council-CSO consultation on 1 June. At the end of the meeting, the CSOs had a meeting with the GEF IEO to discuss the proposed review of the Network by GEF IEO.

1 June -  GEF Council-CSO Consultation

This meeting was attended by more than 100 representatives from civil society, GEF Council members GEF Agencies and the GEF Secretariat. The meeting included a one hour dialogue between civil society and the GEF CEO and three panel sessions. In the morning, the panel session discussed the enhancement of CSO engagement in GEF followed with discussion on knowledge management in GEF which was one of the key agenda items of the Council meeting. The meeting was very interactive with active inputs from Council members, GEF agencies as well as CSOs. A report of the meeting, together with the presentations is available [click here].

Among the major outcomes from the meeting are :


·         The GEF Sec is very open to suggestion from the Network on best approach to knowledge management.

·         A representative from the GEF CSO Network will participate in the two task forces set up by GEF Sec, namely on gender and knowledge management.

·         The Network will work more closely with CSOs following the World Bank Climate Investment Fund (CIF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to learn from respective experience and enhance CSO engagement.

1 June - WG for Review of GEF Public Involvement Policy

The GEF Working Group on Public Involvement met for the first time to review and endorse the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the WG and discuss the work plan of activities.  There are 4 CSO representatives in the WG comprises of 2 GEF-CSO network representatives, 1 representative from an international CSO (Transparency international) and 1 IPs representative (IPAG).  

2 – 4 June – 48th GEF Council Meeting

Around 35 CSO representatives observed the GEF Council sessions by rotation and ten formal network position papers/statements were presented to the council on the agenda items as follows (click below to view the statements):

1.    GEF 2020 Implementation

2.   Annual Monitoring Review

3.    Expediting the Preparation of the Stock of Delayed Projects

4.    Four Year Work Program and budget of the GEF Independent Evaluation Office – GEF6

5.    GEF Agency Compliance with policies on Environmental and Social Safeguards, Gender and Fiduciary Standards

6.    Report of the Chairperson of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel

7.    Knowledge Management Approach  Paper

8.    Work Program

9.    Semi-annual Evaluation Report June 2015 and Management Responses

10. LDCF/SCCF Work Program


Among the key decisions related to CSOs are the approval of the Knowledge Management Approach Paper and the Council’s call to revitalize the global SGP Steering Committee to support high-level strategic thinking in developing a long-term vision for the SGP.

The joint summary and the highlights of the Council’s Discussions are available on the Network’s website www.gefcso.org.

The next GEF Council will be held as follows:

·         CSO Preparatory Meeting, 18 Oct 2015

·         GEF-CSO Consultation Meeting, 19 Oct 2015

  • GEF Council Meeting, 20-22 Oct 2015

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