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  Grant from GEF NGO Voluntary Grant 2013/2014

The Network received a grant from the NGO Voluntary Fund in May 2013 to conduct activities for the development of Guidelines for Public Involvement Policy.

Below is the summary of the grant

Objectives for the Grant for May 2013 - October 2014

To provide input and recommendations to the GEF Secretariat for the formulation of guidelines for agencies and governments on public participation in GEF project development and implementation



Key tasks to be undertaken
Indicative budget
1. Collation of experience and lessons learnt

2. Review of policies and practices of GEF Agencies and trends in CSO led projects and programmes.

3. Consultation
4. Report preparation
5. Stakeholder workshop 11,000
6. Input to preparation of guidelines/policy 14,000
7. Administration and Accounting

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