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  Summary of Network inputs to the 2009 36th GEF Council meeting
held in November 2009

The GEF NGO Network and its members had an active presence and input to the 36th GEF Council and associated meeting from 9-13 November 2009.

The Network organized a one day preparation meeting on 8th November with 25 reps from CSOs reviewing in detail key papers from the GEF Council, SCCF/LDCF Council and GEF replenishment meeting with inputs from the GEF Secretariat. On 9th November a formal GEF Council CSO consultation was organized with more than 60 participants representing CSOs, GEF Council members, GEF Agencies and GEF Secretariat. During the formal Council related meetings the Network made six formal statements as follows:

1. GEF Council 10-12 November
        a. Small Grant Programme
        b. STAR
        c. Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness
        d. Replenishment 

2. SCCF/LDCF Council 12 November 
       a. Overall statement
       b. Evaluation of the LDCF

The Network also participated formally as observers in the Fourth meeting on the Fifth Replenishment of GEF on 13 November and made a formal statement on key issues including the GEF5 Policy Recommendations and GEF 5 Programme Document November Washington DC Prior to the UNFCCC COP 16 in Mexico.


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