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  CBD Expert Team met again in Quito. Equador

 (reported by Guenter Mitlacher, German NGO Forum Environment & Development and GEF NGO Network RFP for Europe )

The CBD Expert Team to assess the  financial needs for the GEF-6  period 2014-2018 met again in Quito/Ecuador on 3-5th March 2012. The zero draft assessment prepared by the CBD Secretariat was presented and comments the GEF Secretariat provided to the group were discussed in length. The group went through each target and refined the financial needs taking into account incremental reasoning. A preliminary estimate of the financial needs for GEF-6 comes to a range of around $25 billion US, but still needs more efforts on in-depth analysis. Generally speaking  this amount is 20 times more than in GEF-5 was allocated to the Biodiversity Focal Area ($1.25 million US). The preliminary results have been presented to the participants of the dialogue seminar on scaling-up biodiversity finance that was held back-to-back with the expert team meeting. In the margins of the workshop the group started discussing the results with  other experts  how to shape the report in order to be realistic, but also to challenge the GEF and the next replenishment cycle. Due to this first financial needs assessment exercise in CBD’s history GEF’s role might have to face some changes in future in order to co-fund the very ambitious attempt in implementing the  Aichi Targets by 2020. A summary of the preliminary report will be provided to WGRI-4 to receive feedback from CBD Parties.

To download the presentation from the representative from the GEF NGO Network, click here.


About 80 participants from governments, institutions, research, and NGOs gathered in Quito/Ecuador on 6-9 March 2012 in the dialogue seminar that was convened by the Government of Sweden, Ecuador, Norway, India and Japan, and the CBD Secretariat. The purpose of the dialogue seminar was to explore and contribute to understanding and seek to clarify areas of convergence and divergence regarding ways to scale up the mobilization of financial resources and the role and nature of ‘innovative financial mechanisms’ to support the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. The seminar’s results are expected to feed into the negotiations on resource mobilization under the CBD in 2012, WGRI-4 in May in Montreal and COP 11 in October in India. The report will be available soon, and the presentations are accessible at  www.dialogueseminars.net .

UK/India assessment of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets
UK (DEFRA) and India are going to undertake a research project on the economic  implications of the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Pavan Sukhdev will lead the group that is supposed to develop a report by COP 11 in Hyderabad. This exercise will be linked closely to the GEF-6 financial needs assessment of the CBD expert group. The results shall give input to the discussions at COP 11 on setting targets for biodiversity financing up to 2020.

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