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  REC Caucasus Conference
Project: National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans Updating in South Caucasus Countries
Source: REC Caucasus, 2012-12-05
On December 3-4, 2012, REC Caucasus organized a two-day conference on the project National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans updating in South Caucasus Countries at Sheraton Metechi Palace, Tbilisi, Georgia.
The Regional Conference was attended by more than 30 participants from 3 countries of the region, such as governmental entities, including National focal points for CBD and other related stakeholders from academic institutions, non-governmental sectors, international organizations, etc.
Aim of the conference was to discuss necessary implementation steps, approaches and measures for the updating of the NBSAPs in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and to promote alliances between stakeholders and to set up working relations in the process of successful implementation of Convention of Biological Diversity at eco-regional level. Target groups are decision-makers and experts from the fields of policy development, IOs, SCOs and scientists in the context of biodiversity conservation.
The specific objectives of the conference were as follows:
  • create a multi-stakeholder forum for the interested parties in the South Caucasus region to discuss content, thematic priorities, approaches and lessons learned in the process of preparation/update of NBSAPs in the South Caucasus Countries;
  • to provide an opportunity to the main stakeholders involved in the development of NBASPs to present their expectations and approaches regarding the NBSAP updating process and to get ideas for the planned steps to come in NBSAP development.
The Conference Outputs:
  • A strengthened regional exchange and lessons learned in the development of NBSAPs in the South Caucasus countries and sharing of experience that can provide mutual support for the process;
  • Adoption of common vision related to better implementation of the convention of Biological diversity in the regional context, by bringing together practitioners, researchers and policy makers from biodiversity conservation sectors over the region;
  • Identification of role of stakeholders in relation to updating the NBSAPs and possible cooperation modalities;
  • Identification of country needs and priorities to tackle with country biodiversity protection issues and as well as detection of common regional priorities.

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