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  Expanded Constituency Workshop - Antalya, Turkey (11-13 December 2012)
The Expanded Constituency Workshop for North Africa, Middle East, West Asia and Turkey took place in Antalya, Turkey 11-13 December 2012. Some one hundred plus delegates representing fourteen countries, as well as a number of GEF agencies and CSO groups active in the region attended the workshop. CSO representatives are from the following countries, Afganistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
The meeting, held annually, is intended to provide updates on GEF developments and help familiarize the participants with the procedures and resources available to assist them in developing and supporting initiatives for GEF funding. Part of the meeting is also dedicated to engaging the countries in the Overall Performance of GEF-5 (OPS5) exercise led by the GEF Evaluation Office.
The workshop discussed mainly traditional method, STAR, LDCF/SCCF, NPIF, Adaptation Fund as well as broadening the GEF Partnership, Private Sector Strategy, and GEF as financial Mechanism of the Conventions. Besides, the workshop addressed the roles of country stakeholders in the GEF
At the end the workshop there was a practical PIF preparation exercise for a hypothetical project in an imaginary country. The workshop also allowed some time for a bilateral meetings between attendees and GEF agencies representatives.
The last day of the workshop was a visit to Koprulu Canyon National Park where an introduction of the GEF II Project site and implemented activities as well as visiting to important source value of the National Park (the biggest pure cypress forest).
The visit also allowed sometime for a meeting with villagers, exchange of ideas on sustainability of GEF II project.

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