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  Say NO! to fur. Boycott bloody fashion!

 (submitted by Green Camel Bell)

With temperatures plummeting to zero, November marks the beginning of the cold season in the Chinese province of Gansu. As families pull out their winter jackets and go shopping for new fashionable coats, animals start shivering. Their new challenge for survival is not the cold weather, but the increasing demand for fur among wealthy Chinese. For every fur coat 8 seals, 40 rabbits or 200 squirrels get killed.

Green Camel Bell, with GEF TaoHe River project and Action Asia jointly hosted on November 16, 2012 a number of sensitizing initiatives in Lanzhou West Lake under the motto: “Say NO! to fur – Protect biodiversity”.

Volunteers of Green Camel Bell explained to the public the cruelty and bloody nature of apparel made of fur by playing a fur production documentary and performing an ad hoc sitcom “Please respect our lives”. This helped highlighting the sharp contrast between the soft and luxurious perception of fur and the serious harm to animals and nature biodiversity it poses.

Attendants were encouraged to join a stimulating debate over the pros and cons of fur and alternatives. A particular attention was given to entertaining participants while raising their awareness on the topic: knowledge quiz, theme puzzle competitions and social activities such as “fold the long-sought” have all revealed very successful.
In one day over 80 citizens acknowledged the cruel nature of fur in fashion by signing a petition expressing their decision to boycott brands that make use of it.

This joint initiative is part of Green Camel Bell's commitment to protect the natural environment in Western China. With our ongoing projects in Maqu wetland (Gannan Tibetan prefecture) we are actively conveying these energies into long-term goals in support for wildlife and biodiversity. Thanks to your continued support they will be closer every day.

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