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  COP 11 CBD, Hyderabab, India

The 11th Conference of Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP11) was held in Hyderabad, India from 8-19th October. It was an important landmark event for biodiversity conservation. Developed countries agreed to double funding to support efforts in developing states towards meeting the internationally-agreed Biodiversity Targets, and the main goals of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020. Click here to view the COP's decision on resource mobilisation >>

In the decision on the financial mechanism (click here to view COP's decision on financial mechanism), the COP adopted a four-year outcome-oriented framework of programme priorities for the period 2014-2018, which is annexed to the decision, and requested the GEF to implement it and report back to COP 12 on the GEF‑6 strategy and COP 13 on its implementation. The COP noted the report of the assessment of needs for GEF-6 and the range of funding needs estimated for the sixth replenishment. The COP urged the Global Environment Facility, in the process of replenishment for GEF-6, to give due consideration to all aspects of the expert team’s needs assessment report on the levels of funding for biodiversity. It further asked the GEF to:

·         expedite the provision of financial support, based on a flexible and national demand-driven approach;
·         avoid additional and lengthy processes and use existing NBSAPs as the basis for GEF-6 priorities;
·         clarify the concept and application of co-financing for biodiversity projects;
·         apply co-financing arrangements in ways that do not create unnecessary barriers and costs for recipient countries; and
·         invite developed country parties and others to increase their financial contributions during GEF- 6,

On October 15th, the GEF NGO Network and the GEF Secretariat organised a dialogue between the GEF CEO and CSOs attending the CBD COP11 in Hyderabad India. The session was attended by nearly 100 CSOs from many countries. Focus of discussions included: The process for the development of the GEF Vision 2020 and the options for CSO engagement in this process; challenges facing Indigenous communities in relation to addressing global environment issues and involvement in GEF activities; the options and constraints for scaling up CSO experiences and best practices at the local level to national and regional levels. 

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