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  Election for RFP for West Asia region

The GEF-CSO Network initiated the election for the position of Regional Focal Point (RFP) for the West Asia Region on 1 July 2016. Following the call for nomination, two (2) candidates were eligible to stand for election. The voting period was from 22 Aug – 9 Sept 2016 but it was further extended to 21 Sept 2016 due to a tie in the votes received. I have received the report from the Chair of the Election Task Force. According to the report, 61% of the 18 eligible organisations in the region participated in the voting and 55% of the valid votes received were for Plan for The Land Society (Plan4Land) of Iran.


We are pleased to declare that Plan for The Land Society (Plan4Land) of Iran is duly elected as the Regional Focal point for the West Asia Region for a term of four (4) years from 23 September 2016 to 22 September 2020. Please note that the period of office of the RFP may be periodically reviewed and adjusted by the Network.

The contact details of the RFP are as follows:


Plan for The Land Society (Plan4Land)

West Unit, 3rd Fr, Ordibehesht Build, Mohajer St., North Sohrevardi, Theran, Iran

Tel : +98(21)22838389                       Email: info@plan4land.org

Website : www.plan4land.org


Official Representative :

Mr. Hamed Moshiri, CEO

Email : Moshiri@plan4land.org



To view the relevant documents :

Call for Election (download this letter)
Call for Nomination (download this letter)

Nomination Form

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